We believe

that the concepts of permaculture can become a large scale sustainable solution for our burning environmental and social challenges.

The Permaculturist is here to show you a surprisingly simple, inexpensive and holistic approach for being part of the green transition.

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex,
the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”

Bill Mollison

A project with us.


The Permaculturist is partnering up with ambitious change-maker companies to take climate action.

  • Embrace circularity
  • Act locally, think globally
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Initiate healthy, inclusive communities
  • Create regenerative and biodiverse landscapes
  • Work towards the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Join the global movement towards sustainability

Green projects

The UN Sustainable Development Goals and the permaculture principles share a deep alignment in their core values, focusing on restoring ecosystems, improving life quality, and promoting overall fairness.

While complying with SDGs provides a globally respectable reputation to any business and grants access to funding resources and support in many ways, permaculture provides a tangible, living example and proof of success regarding the implementation of certain SDGs.

The Permaculturist can help you create demonstration sites, where your attention to environmentalism, human wellbeing, justice, and equity can be expressed. By integrating permaculture into your projects, we can embody these values through systems thinking, ensuring they are reflected in every aspect of our work.


sustainable business and permaculture
sustainable business and permaculture

Reviving eroded lands

Re-vitalize industrially overused lands by partaking in large-scale permaculture land regeneration projects.

Through observing Nature’s patterns, collaborating with its natural cycles and progress in succession, we can help you tackle such ambitious projects with a mindful approach.

Starting from the repair of the water cycle, through re-establishing diverse vegetation, to restoring ecological balance, you can reduce your company’s environmental footprint. 

By offsetting carbon emissions, it can also earn you carbon credits right on your premises.

This venture not only reestablishes ecological resilience but also positions your company as a responsible leader in corporate environmental responsibility.


Employee well-being

Upgrade your workplace with permaculture, nurturing a healthier and more engaged workforce. Turn vacant rooftops, balconies, or unused courtyards into lush green spaces, community gardens, or outdoor work zones.

We can help you create a more natural atmosphere at the office so you can enjoy the tranquility of the greenery, breathe cleaner air, and maybe even pick fresh fruits and vegetables and smell the scent of flowers outside. This subtle yet significant experience may uplift your spirits during a busy day at work, making it lighter and more enjoyable.

Moreover, the social aspect of permaculture promotes inclusivity, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and strong social connections. These may contribute to improved mental health, productivity, and a stronger sense of community among employees.


sustainable business and permaculture
sustainable business and permaculture

Value of waste

Permaculture flips conventional thought by seeing waste as untapped resources. Instead of disposal, it embraces byproducts as valuable assets waiting to be used.

Circularity objectives find answers in certain permaculture principles such as “Use and value resources and services”, “Produce no waste”, and “Integrate rather than segregate”.

For instance, converting organic waste into nutrient-rich compost or transforming microbial, plant, or animal materials into biofuels showcases how these principles can translate into practical reality.  

By embedding these byproducts into natural systems, we create synergies where each element contributes to the whole. We can help you turn waste into the yield of a productive cycle: let’s innovate together for a sustainable future, where problems become solutions.


„What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Jane Goodall