We design habitats that are

permaculture garden
permaculture garden
permaculture garden

So this is why we are here:

to show you the alternatives you haven’t thought of.


Through Permaculture, we guide you to discover the gifts that your land is holding and turn your garden into a rich ecosystem through permaculture. Through our designs, we aim to blend the laws of Nature with the needs of our customers, so that both you and your environment can flourish.

Where we source our food from. How we manage our soil and waters. How many life forms we support with our environment. Even the way we feel in our skin. These simple yet profound acts of everyday life are the ones that shape the structure of our world.

Who is it for?

For anyone who enjoys living a lifestyle closely connected to nature.

Garden rookies

Even if you’re new to nurturing outdoor spaces, don’t worry, we’ve got you. We provide you with support and guidance so that you feel confident in the midst of a fresh routine tending to your permaculture garden.

Nature can thrive beautifully on its own without our interference. In our designs we use system-thinking and set up a complete and diverse eco-system that is able to support itself, therefore less responsibility will fall on you to maintain your garden.


permaculture garden

Garden experts

​​If you have much previous experience, we are excited to share ideas and skills with you.

Combining our systemic thinking as permaculture designers with your detail-oriented, practical insights as a gardening expert can lead to innovative solutions that enhance the garden’s functionality and beauty.

We can get creative and include among others herb spirals, geometric vegetable gardens, aquaponic ponds and rain gardens in the designs. 


Busy-bees and Free-birds

We understand that all of us have different rhythms in life, so each design is individually tailored to fit the time you are able to allocate to take care of your outdoor space.

If you aim to use your garden intensively and self-sustain from it, we will put emphasis on human-centered areas such as vegetable beds and food-forests, and let you experiment with new species and methods. 

However, if you only wish to lay back and enjoy the greenery, we will focus on designing naturally resilient systems to rely on. For instance no-dig methods, Hügel beds, water circulation, no-mow lawns will last even if you are not present to maintain it.


Permaculture Garden

From terraces to wide landscapes

With the right intentions, everything can be viewed as a garden. You’d be surprised how many tricks quiet observation and some creativity can do.

In urban areas, where a garden might be limited to a balcony, utilizing space efficiently is key. Extending vertically such as trellises, hanging pots, and columnar fruit trees can be an excellent solution. 

Conversely, managing wide landscapes on your own can be challenging, but they offer fantastic opportunities for adding more microclimates, community involvement, integrating animal systems, or even partial commercial use.


Our Services

  • Principles of Permaculture: If you’re new to the world of permaculture, let’s start with the basics! Our first step is to introduce you to the principles and key characteristics of permaculture. This foundational knowledge sets the stage for understanding the process of design and implementation thoroughly.
  • Site Visit: We personally visit the land or property you’ve chosen to get a firsthand experience of the environment. During the on-site visit, we thoroughly assess the ecological features of the area, among others including vegetation, soil conditions, and the location of water sources.
  • Personal Conversation: Following this, we engage in a conversation with you, discussing the climate conditions of the area and any related experiences you may have already had there. Here, we also delve into the details of the client interview you’ve previously filled out, aiming for a clearer understanding of your needs and preferences.
  • Advice: Finally, we present the opportunities and potential limitations present in the area. Through our advice, we showcase how permaculture methods can be applied in the design process, leveraging your time, energy, and financial resources. We illustrate with examples how a sustainable and ecologically balanced garden can be created at your location.
  • Consultation: The creation of the concept plan is preceded by the introductory consultation where we lay the groundwork for our collaboration.
  • Site Analysis and Background Research: We conduct a detailed study shown in a report and a sector map, encompassing the climatic factors, geographical features, soil analysis, and the condition of the ecosystem. This thorough preparatory work ensures that every design decision is based on the specific characteristics of the site.
  • Permaculture Zones Sketching: By planning the functions of different areas of the site, we create sketches that visually illustrate the different permaculture zones and their relationships. This makes it easier to understand how the individual functional areas can be integrated into the broader environment.
  • Outline of Concept Plan: During further on-site consultations, we discuss the results and our ideas in detail, and explore possible options to provide clear direction for the project’s next steps. Our advice is based on permaculture design strategies, water management techniques, soil improvement methods, and other sustainable practices tailored to the unique characteristics of the site.
  • Consultation and Concept Plan: The detailed plan preparation is preceded by an introductory consultation and the creation of a concept plan, where we lay the groundwork for the design.
  • Jointly Selected Plant Species: We assist in selecting the appropriate plants and other wildlife for your garden, documenting these selections. Our aim is to create gardens that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, where edible plants harmoniously integrate with ornamental ones, perhaps supported by other forms of wildlife.
  • Placement of Facilities and Structures: We arrange the garden facilities and structures to optimally serve the entirety of the garden.
  • Recommended Methods for Plan Implementation: We develop a personalized schedule and implementation strategy, taking into account your time and budget constraints. The aim is to provide guidance for you and the contractors, ensuring that the project progresses in a clear and seamless manner.
  • Detailed Plans and Mood Boards: You will receive the final plans in the form of detailed blueprints and mood boards, aiding in the visual understanding of the garden concept and every element within it.



“Living in ethically and intelligently designed systems is one of the biggest liberations we can give to ourselves and our Planet.”