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As a permaculturist who loves to travel and explore, being a curious permacul-tourist on trips is the cherry on top of a good time. This article introduces places that have influenced me along my permaculture-journey, alongside places that are on the must-visit list. Hope you too will find inspiration and motivation in their stories to include a perma-farm in the plans of your next adventure.

If you are looking to experience a blend of exploration, education, and contribution to global sustainability, permaculture travels are for you. Traveling with an eye for permaculture allows individuals to do good while they explore, engaging in hands-on projects that benefit local communities and ecosystems wherever they go.  A journey like this is not only educational but also immensely enjoyable, offering opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and become part of a global community striving for positive change.

SOIL AND SEA – Portugal

Soil and Sea is a permaculture-based homestead farm of a lovely couple, located on Portugal’s gorgeous subtropical oceanic island. The farm opens its doors from time to time, inviting the public to experience its sustainable and wholesome lifestyle through workshops, open days, and introductory courses, providing hands-on insights into permaculture.

This place is among our favorites because their soulful intentions, friendly attitude, and professional execution combined have created a truly inspiring result. This farm represents the permaculture lifestyle in an all-inclusive way. Growing their own food, spices, and medicinal plants, relying on natural buildings, keeping farm animals, and remaining closely connected to the surrounding Nature have created a livable and life-inviting atmosphere in their personal habitat.

Zonca Ecovillage – Italy

Zonca Ecovillage in Italy’s stunning Piedmont region is known as a community focused on sustainable living and permaculture practices. This ecovillage aims to create a self-sufficient and environmentally conscious way of life, integrating principles of permaculture into their daily activities.

Visiting Zonca is like stepping into a world where green living is the norm. It’s perfect for anyone curious about permaculture or just looking for a unique, Earth-friendly experience. They usually offer a variety of volunteering opportunities and workshops, including organic farming, renewable energy use, natural building techniques, and community living.

If you’d like to gain some practical experience in sustainable living and a sense of community, this place is highly recommended. 

Finca Luna Nueva – Costa Rica

Finca Luna Nueva is situated in a lush rainforest of the northern region of Costa Rica, near the town of La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano, an exciting spot for permaculture travels.

The farm is renowned for its commitment to permaculture practices and it serves as a living example of how regenerative agriculture can thrive in a tropical setting. The farm actively participates in protecting and preserving the surrounding rainforest, contributing to the region’s rich biodiversity.

Visitors can explore various permaculture techniques, agroforestry, organic farming, medicinal plants, and biodiversity conservation. The farm also offers chocolate-making workshops where visitors can experience the entire process, from harvesting cacao pods to crafting their chocolate treats. If you visit, expect to stay in eco-friendly accommodations like bungalows, and farm-to-table dining, with organic and locally sourced ingredients.

Zaytuna Farm – Australia

Zaytuna Farm is a permaculture site located in The Channon, New South Wales, Australia. Well-known for its association with permaculturist Geoff Lawton, it serves as an educational hub, offering diverse courses, workshops, and internships that delve into permaculture design, sustainable agriculture, and regenerative practices. Moreover, it is a demonstration site for actively integrated designs with features such as water management, food forests, natural building, soil regeneration, natural swimming pools, and biodiversity enhancement.

Zaytuna Farm engages with the permaculture community and the wider public through hosting events, open days, and permaculture design courses to share knowledge and inspire sustainable practices.